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Zombie Clients: are they eating your brains?!

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs

They’re insidious. They’re hungry. They’re hard to kill.

And this Halloween, we’re going to help you with your double taps.

Bad clients are a plague. You might even feel like they’re cracking
your skull like a breakfast egg and devouring your precious, precious brains.

And no matter how many wrap-ups you do, their projects refuse to die.

That’s how you know you’re dealing with a Zombie Client.

But fear not! Whether you have an established team, or you’re just starting out, you can survive this plague.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.19.58 AM

Grab Freckle’s free 11-page survival guide and fend of the impending zombie client apocalypse!

Happy Halloween!

Thomas’ work on Prototype.js, Zepto.js and Micro.js has made him a certified JavaScript Guru. Before founding Freckle, Thomas was consulting with some of the world’s best known companies on their craziest interactive JavaScript needs. A Ruby on Rails core alumni, he is passionate about creating the best user interface experience possible and penned the Scriptaculous JavaScript UI library to share the love, counting sites like Apple.com and Nasa.gov among its users. Thomas’ master plan: work toward a more delicious web using open source goodness.