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March 2019
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How to Downgrade

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

First, choose the plan you want to downgrade to. Here are our plans and the features they offer.

Log into your account, & then:

Step 1: Click the _admin_ tab at the top right.
Click the admin tab

Step 2: Click the _downgrade_ button next to your new plan level.
Click the downgrade button

Then simply follow the directions.

> Only admin account holders can downgrade (or upgrade)!

## If there’s no downgrade button

But, what if—what if there is no button?

Are you seeing this instead?

How to downgrade link

Don’t panic. Your account isn’t broken, this is to protect you.

You can only downgrade when your user accounts (and/or projects) are within the new limits you’ll have _after_ you downgrade.

So, first archive (deactivate) any excess user accounts (or projects). You can deactivate a person from the People page, and a project from its home page.

Your data won’t be lost, but archived user accounts cannot log new time nor have time assigned to them. You cannot log new time to an archived project, either.

## Real Life Example

You’ve got the Mini plan (which used to be called Basic). You’ve got 5 active projects. You’ve also got 1 real account (you!) and 1 other user account (Joe Test User, just for fun).

You can’t downgrade to Solo until you archive Joe Test Account, because the Solo account allows only 1 person to log in, and you & Joe Test User make 2.

_Deactivating a user account_
Click the _People_ tab and you can deactivate any user in the list:

Deactivating a user

Archiving a project
Click the _Project_ tab, then click on the individual project. Then click the _archive this project_ button:

Archiving a project

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