Time tracking is so 20th century.

Business—and life—is too complex for just writing down time to keep you on the ball. The ball rolls all by itself, and a bigger-picture view is what will keep you rolling along with it. Freckle helps you go far beyond simple recording and weekly totals, with info-packed project overviews, powerful reporting features, and the mighty Pulse.

Your Projects (zoom in)
Your Project (zoomed in)
  • time budget breakdown
  • activity graph
  • who's working on it?
  • recent entries
Your Reports (zoom in)
Your Reports (zoomed in)
  • reporting on every page
  • broad & specific reports
  • billable & unbillable hours
  • save reports for later
Your Pulse (zoom in)
Your Pulse (zoomed in)
  • how many hours per day?
  • which projects per day?
  • how many hours per person?
  • who's working on what?

The hippopotamus in the room

Overhead. It's not the elephant in the room, it's the hippopotamus—even more slippery than you'd think. How can you keep track of your overhead with traditional time tracking tools? With Freckle, you can enter time so easily, and just as easily you can mark it as "unbillable." So you can first record those slippery times, and then see exactly which projects and which tasks are taking up the most of your unpaid time.

Your Projects (zoom in)
Your Project (zoomed in)
  • create unbillable tags on the fly
  • reuse them with autocomplete
  • tag anything unbillable
  • as easy as asterisk (*)
Your Reports (zoom in)
Your Reports (zoomed in)
  • monitor project budget
  • what % of time is unbillable?
  • spot high-overhead projects
  • track real costs
Your Pulse (zoom in)
Your Pulse (zoomed in)
  • billable/unbillable breakdown
  • track specific types of overhead
  • all reports include unbillables
  • monitor changes over time
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