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March 2019
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How tagging can improve your experience

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Enter your time more quickly, & get more information out of it with tagging.

Here’s how:

  1. Rapidly describe & categorize entries.

    Avoid lengthy & repetitive data entry: quickly classify your time with just a few key presses and <tab>, such as tag, tag, tag, tag, and so on.

    Rapidly enter repetitive information
    Entering tags

  2. Figuring out: where does your time go?

    Run reports on a specific tag or tags to see how much time in a given time frame, or on a given project, is devoted to a certain kind of work:

    Report by tag

    Visit a tag’s page to see the latest entries for that kind of task:

    Viewing a tag's profile

  3. Determine your true time investment: billable and unbillable time.

    A tag followed by an *asterisk (e.g. tag) will mark that whole entry as unbillable (or non-billable, if you’re feeling grammatically correct). This is broken out on reports and on project profiles:

    Report breakout

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