Freckle on your phone

Here’s how you run Freckle on your phone!

Note that using the mobile version of Freckle requires that your account uses hashtags. All newer accounts (since April 2013) use hashtags automatically. If you have an older account that hasn’t been migrated yet, please see your help article on migrating to hashtags (it only takes a few minutes!).

On your iPhone (iOS 6 & 7)

Just click the button and you’ll download our official Freckle app from the App Store (it’s free!).

On your iPhone (older iOS)

Older iOS

To use our official App Store app above, you’ll need iOS 6.1 or higher. But no fear, if you don’t want to install it or you can’t because you have an older iOS version, you can alternatively just use Safari:

1. Sign in to your Freckle account

2. Use Safari’s “Add to Home Screen” to get a permanent Freckle icon on your home screen.

3. Start Freckle from your home screen. It will work just like any other app!

On your Android Phone


You’ll need Android 4 or higher, with Chrome 34 (latest version as of April 2014) or higher installed.

1. Sign in to your Freckle account

2. Next, use Chrome’s “Add to homescreen” option. Confirm by tapping “Add” in the dialog that pops up.

3. Start Freckle from your homescreen!

On Android, Freckle will show as “Web App” in the task manager.

Please note that for now, Freckle doesn’t work with Firefox for Android. We’re planning support for that in the future, as well as eventually having a native Android app in Google Play. We don’t plan to support very old (version 2.x) Android phones.


  1. Wow, that add to homescreen feature is really nifty. It runs just like a native app, I honestly didn’t even know Android had that functionality. Excited to see what you come up with for the app on Google Play.


  2. This is great, thank you! Can’t wait for the native Android app!

  3. It would be awesome if the Android app could log the calls e use the name and phone number as description, so the user could only fill in the customer or project later.

    Please consider it!