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March 2019
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Jazzercise! Processize!

Screw singing for your supper — freelancers dance for theirs! High-kicks and project kickoffs, dips and onboarding questionnaires. Tapping. The questions to ask. Jazz hands. The agreements to sign. Interpretive swanning around — the clarifications to clarify. You’re a pro; you know all the moves. But you’re only human. Occasionally, [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

How Freelancers Can Avoid Old Boot Soup

### PROBLEM: Cash-flow ouchies You’re in the middle of a project that you thought’d be a snappy 2-weeker, but somehow it’s turned into a snippy 6-weeker. The end is in sight… but your pay day’s another Net 30 away. It’s not quite time to start those old boots a-boiling but, all the same, it’s not exactly [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Avoid the Sales Funnel Swirly

Do you track your clients before the ink is dry? **PROBLEM:** Your True Hourly Rate is a hidden, mystical creature. A unicorn! But you want to find and pet the unicorn. Petting unicorns is profitable. To find the unicorn, you must go on a quest… to track all the time related to your work. **SOLUTION, PART ONE OF MANY:** Figure out exactly [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Too Hot to Work: the Freckle Summer Series

**Summertime, and the living is easy… or at least really freakin’ hot.** In Freckle land (Vienna, Austria), things are really heating up. Until a week or two ago, the summer was all grey skies and rain. Now it’s bright as you please and 90 degrees F (that’s 32.5 C, for our fellow non-USians). And in Freckle land, nobody [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

European Networks: Cogent Disrupting Freckle

Argh! **You may have had some trouble accessing Freckle from Europe the past 24 hours.** We’re very sorry! It looks like a major backbone internet provider, Cogent, is experiencing major outage issues. Freckle the application is up and running just fine; our hosting company is running just fine; but the connections between you, and the [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy