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May 2018
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Get Your Tax #@(! Together for 2011, Part 1


If you’re [using Freckle](http://letsfreckle.com), you already have it easy accounting for your time and productivity and invoices… but what about your taxes? The tax year is wrapping up, which means it’s time to sit down over some contraband wine coolers and talk about **Getting Our Tax #@(! Together for 2011**. [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Jazzercise! Processize!

Screw singing for your supper — freelancers dance for theirs! High-kicks and project kickoffs, dips and onboarding questionnaires. Tapping. The questions to ask. Jazz hands. The agreements to sign. Interpretive swanning around — the clarifications to clarify. You’re a pro; you know all the moves. But you’re only human. Occasionally, [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

How Freelancers Can Avoid Old Boot Soup

### PROBLEM: Cash-flow ouchies You’re in the middle of a project that you thought’d be a snappy 2-weeker, but somehow it’s turned into a snippy 6-weeker. The end is in sight… but your pay day’s another Net 30 away. It’s not quite time to start those old boots a-boiling but, all the same, it’s not exactly [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Avoid the Sales Funnel Swirly

Do you track your clients before the ink is dry? **PROBLEM:** Your True Hourly Rate is a hidden, mystical creature. A unicorn! But you want to find and pet the unicorn. Petting unicorns is profitable. To find the unicorn, you must go on a quest… to track all the time related to your work. **SOLUTION, PART ONE OF MANY:** Figure out exactly [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Too Hot to Work: the Freckle Summer Series

**Summertime, and the living is easy… or at least really freakin’ hot.** In Freckle land (Vienna, Austria), things are really heating up. Until a week or two ago, the summer was all grey skies and rain. Now it’s bright as you please and 90 degrees F (that’s 32.5 C, for our fellow non-USians). And in Freckle land, nobody [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

European Networks: Cogent Disrupting Freckle

Argh! **You may have had some trouble accessing Freckle from Europe the past 24 hours.** We’re very sorry! It looks like a major backbone internet provider, Cogent, is experiencing major outage issues. Freckle the application is up and running just fine; our hosting company is running just fine; but the connections between you, and the [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy