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March 2019
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Increase conversion rates and avoid common A/B testing mistakes: an interview with Patrick McKenzie (patio11)

Frecklers, do we have a treat for you! Today’s interview is with one of the most pragmatic and successful conversion rate optimizers in the industry. After having to A/B test Bingo Card Creator to near-perfection, Patrick McKenzie has learned about what does (and more importantly, doesn’t) work in the complex field of turning visitors [...]

Thomas CannonThomas Cannon

Friends of Freckle: Pigment & Punch

Ever wish you could track your time with Freckle on the go? Are you longing for a desktop widget that’ll keep you focused on tracking your time? Thanks to some good friends of Freckle, the wait is over! The awesome teams from Wrep and Fousa / Nilo have used the Freckle API to integrate their 3rd-party applications with Freckle. [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

The Freckle Lounge

Got a question you need answered sooner than later?  Have a concern about your Freckle account? Weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm ET visit the Freckle team in the brand new Freckle Lounge! Even if you don’t have an immediate problem, stop in and say ‘Hi’ to us. 🙂 Get directions to the Freckle Lounge here. Who might you [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

Get Paid With PayPal Integration!

We’re super excited to introduce to you the newest friend of Freckle, PayPal! Now, when you create a invoice in Freckle, you have the option to allow your client to pay via PayPal. And since you only need to enter what you need, when you need it, it’s still just as easy to invoice your client as it was before.  All you need to [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

New and awesome developer docs!

Nerd alert! This article is about our new developer documentation. 🙂 Want to integrate Freckle with an app of yours? You’re probably aware of our API, and now we’ve a shiny new developer website available as a guide to you! Next to listing all the API functions and showing examples with JSON and XML (your choice!), we’ve [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs