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May 2018
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Windows Rights Activists, Unite!

…or how get Chrome to pin Freckle to your Windows Taskbar! Every group of friends, every team, every family has a token Windows Rights Activist.  They’re the person who you turn to with all of your very import Windows questions. Like, “Hypothetically speaking, would Steve Jobs and Bill Gates make a good team on The Amazing Race?”  [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

Freckle is More Fun with Avatars

We love finding new ways to make tracking your time feel a little less like work, and more like fun. And really, what’s more fun than personalizing your account with an awesome avatar? Okay, in all seriousness though, using avatars can be insanely helpful for your team. Teams who use avatars in their account find that: it’s [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

New Invoice Summaries and Breakdowns

After months of some serious training, including a sprint through the streets of south Philly and up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, Freckle invoices are ready to make their 2015 debut. Cue Rocky music. The Summary breakdown of your Freckle invoices is better than ever before.  It’s even better looking than before! You can [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

Sharing is Caring

Growing up I constantly heard the phrase, “sharing is caring“. With four kids all at different ages it was probably the number one repeated phrase in our house.  That and, “don’t make me come back there“, during absolutely every car ride. As I got older I really did want to share my things with everyone at the [...]

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

No More Mysteries with Entry History

Would you believe me if I told you that Freckle was making it even easier to see the who, what, where, and when of your team’s time? You might say, Devon, it sounds like you’re trying out for the lead in an infomercial. But, after that you’d definitely say, Are you serious? How can Freckle tell me even more about my team’s [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs